As kids, we sure loved anything that was sweet. We especially loved chewing on bubble gum because it lasted longer. There were so many different types that I actually forgot about most of them until I wrote up this article. Which ones did you love the most? Check them out and share with us in the comments!

1. Tubble Gum

Do you remember squeeze bubble gum? I sure loved it!

2. Anglo Bubble Gum

This one made the best bubbles!

3. Golf Ball Bubble Gum

Remember getting this in your 10p mix?

4. Golden Gum Nuggets

How many could you fit in your mouth?

5. Juicy Fruit

Even though this isn’t a “bubble gum” it was one of our favourites!

6. Bubble Tape

I would try to it this in one go.

7. Hubba Bubba

This one is still loved until today! They have so many amazing flavours now.

8. Bubble Gum Strip

Loved the taste of these.

9. Screwball Bubble Gum

We loved this one right after eating all of our ice cream.

10. Tattoo Bubble Gum