10 Of The Biggest Heart Throbs From Your Youth Then And Now!

If you had a pulse in back in the day, chances are it was because of one of these leading men.  They were in all the best movies and TV shows and many young girls would cover their walls and lockers with pictures of them.  It was a great time to be alive!  Now, let’s take a look at what some of these cuties look like today:

1. Jesse McCartney.

He rose to fame in the late 90s on the daytime soap opera ‘All My Children.’ He then joined the boy band ‘Dream Street’ and the rest is history!

2. Aaron Carter.

He was another pop singer from the 90s that all the girls loved because he was simply adorable!

3. Chad Michael Murray.

He played on the teen drama ‘One Tree Hill’. He was also a former fashion model.

4. Christian Slater.

He was a movie star that played in some pretty dramatic roles!  Now, he’s on top of the world!

5. Johnny Depp.

We remember him from ’21 Jump Street’. He went on to play in many movies including ‘Who’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’.  Now, he’s looking a little scary:

6. Luke Perry.

He played on ‘90210’ and he was pretty old back then to be playing a high school kid.  Nevertheless, he was pretty hot! Now, he’s NOT!

7. Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

We all know him as Zack from ‘Saved by the Bell’. Now, look at that beard!

8. Ralph Macchio.

He had many roles and his most memorable one was in ‘The Karate Kid‘. Now, he finally looks like an adult!

9. Rob Lowe.

His blue eyes and brilliant smile captivated young girls everywhere.  Now, he’s still pretty cute!

10. Leonardo DiCaprio.

He also starred in the movie ‘Who’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Then, he went on to be a mega-star!  Now, he’s just another A-list actor: