When we were children, we’re sure that like you, our bedroom was our fortress. We had a Jewelry Box on our chest of drawers next to a pink Ghetto Blaster playing a ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ album. We had Sindy’s wardrobe on the floor next to the latest edition of Smash Hits magazine. And we had Care Bears wallpaper covered with Pop Star posters.

But perhaps as kids the most important item of all, the one thing that was the closest to us (both physically and emotionally) as we snuggled up at night, was our gorgeous bed sets. We are of course talking about duvet and pillow covers adorned with our very favourite cartoon characters, TV shows or pop stars.


Please take a look at the following 10 gorgeous bed sets, and let us know which of them tug at your heart strings. Do you remember which one you owned? Be sure to let us now by posting a comment, as well as telling us off if we’ve left your favourite bedding set off the list! And please do share this post with your fellow 80s kids so that they too can take a beautiful, snuggly, nostalgic trip down memory lane!

1. Victoria Plum

Oh my goodness, we remember this Victoria Plum bed set like it was yesterday that we snuggled up against it!

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The rabbits, the Hedgehog, the cute little boy with the green hat, it really is ingrained into our memory!

2. Rainbow Brite

What wasn’t to like about a Rainbow Brite bed set? She gave our bedroom lots colour and filled our hearts with tons of sparkle.

Many of you will have also owned a Rainbow Brite doll, and you may even remember watching the Rainbow Brite TV series!

3. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

Featuring He-Man himself warring with the evil Skeletor, as well as the gorgeous Teela, this bed set really is something quite special.

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To be honest we spent most of our childhood fantasising about being friends with He-Man, so why not have him right next to us during the night also?

4. My Little Pony

We bet that some of you owned this particular My Little Pony bed set when you were a child.

Featuring four of the ponies (can you name them?) dancing round a colourful maypole, it really is a thing of beauty.

5. Star Wars

There can’t have been many 80s boys who didn’t at least wish that they had a Star Wars bed set of some description.

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Whether it was the original film, The Empire Strikes back or this Return of the Jedi example we didn’t care, as long as our duvet featured Luke Skywalker and his chums!

6. Care Bears

Of course one of the main reasons the Care Bears were so popular were the lovely toy bears we could add to the cuddly collection of animals on our bed.

But, aside from the cuddly toys, we could also get our hands on, among other things, Care Bears books, sweets, stationery, stickers and clothes, and of course these gorgeous bed sets!

7. ThunderCats

Whilst we’re not entirely sure it was a good idea to have Mumm-Ra so close to us at night seeing how scared of him we were, we would have loved to have had a ThunderCats bed set.

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We trusted Lion-O to keep us safe from the evil mummy, but we do suspect that he may have given us a nightmare or two.

8. Strawberry Shortcake

Whilst unfortunately the Strawberry Shortcake bed set didn’t smell nice like the toy, we still really wanted one.

Looking at this example from back in the 1980s, we’re sure you can understand why!

9. The A-Team

Whilst we loved all the characters in The A-Team, we can understand why they put one in particular front and centre.

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BA Baracus was a true legends, although we’re not sure our parents would have appreciated it if we told them that “we ain’t getting into no bed fool!”

10. Dennis The Menace

And finally we have this brilliant Dennis the Menace bed set, which we no doubt would have lay in whilst reading the latest issue of The Beano!

Sadly that’s all for now! If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some cosy, warm, nostalgic memories to your friends and family by sharing it with them!