10 Barbie Accessories That Every Girl Wanted

Of course, Barbie herself was pretty popular but only when she came with a mound of accessories because the best part about playing with a Barbie was changing her up! She was designed to do whatever our imaginations could create and that often meant buying extra parts in order to give her the best life possible. She was our dream come true and so we acted out everything that we ever wanted to be with this doll.  In doing so, we often had to have these things to go along with her in order to achieve this.  Check it out:

1. Friends.

Without friends, it was hard to imagine the elaborate life of a Barbie.

2. Princess Bed.

This was because we all wanted a bed like this one. So, if we didn’t have it, then our Barbie doll did!

3. Outdoor Kitchen.

It was also fun to have an entire set-up like this so that your Barbie can have an outdoor party with her friends.

4. Furniture.

Designing her home with these accessories was a blast!

5. Outfits.

Often times, we would just pick our a special outfit for her to wear, like this one!

6. Dream House.

There were no such things as dreams when you were playing with Barbie. She lived out her dreams completely, especially with this house!

7. Camper Van.

However, if Barbie ever got tired of hanging out at home, she had this to go camping in with her friends.

8. Ferrari.

She also had plenty of cool cars to drive around in.

9. Glam Pool.

This was a fun set-up during the summer to play with our friends.

10. Picnic Set.

Or perhaps your Barbie just enjoyed doing regular, family activities like this one.