Long before we were able to drive a car, or even get on a train or a bus by ourselves, we still had the ‘need for speed’. No, this is nothing to do with wanting to watch a certain fighter pilot-themed film starring Tom Cruise, we’re talking about ‘getting around’.

And luckily for us, in the 1980s there were lots of cool ways of doing just that. Below are 10 of our favourites, but we know you’ll have your own, so please do let us know what they are with a comment…

10. Moon Shoes

Walking was supposed to be made more fun by putting on these shoes that (kind of) made you feel like you were on the moon. It was one small step for us kids, but one giant price to pay to purchase them for our mum and dad.

And be honest, were they really that great at the end of the day?

9. BMX Bikes

An abbreviation for ‘bicycle motocross’ or ‘bike motocross’ rather than a manufacturer, BMX started in the early 1970s when children began racing their bicycles on dirt tracks in Southern California, although it was the 80s when they gained massive popularity.

Surely you remember the 1983 film ‘BMX Bandits’ starring Nicole Kidman?

8. Pogo Balls

Pogo Balls were known by some as a ‘Lolo Balls’, and were great fun although we never had enough energy to bounce on them for long.

Plus, the risk of smashing your face against an adjacent wall was fairly high!

7. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

As toddlers the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe made us feel like we were king of the road.

Older brothers or sisters could also hang onto the roof if they felt like a bit of stunt activity, although we don’t know about, you but we tried to go as fast as we possible could to shake the annoying siblings off.

6. Roller Skates

Before Roller Blades came along to spoil all the fun, we just had Roller Skates, and they came in a wide variety of amazing styles and colours.

Even if we were too young to own a pair of grown-up skates we didn’t have to worry, because there were also…

5. Fisher-Price Roller Skates

These Fisher-Price Roller Skates allowed little ones to join in with the skating fun!

But in truth they weren’t that great as they were designed to only be allowed to go slow so us little kids didn’t hurt ourselves. Spoilsports.

4. Slip ‘N Slide

Remember these? The concept was extremely simple: you ran, you slid, and you ended up in the bush at the end of your garden.

Good times.

3. Space Hoppers

These were extremely popular, but only a select few were able to stay on them for more than a few seconds.

Personally we could never get to grips with them and tended to end up with our face planted against concrete.

2. Raleigh Bikes

From the ‘Chopper’ to the ‘Burner’, from the ‘Bluebird’ to the ‘Tomahawk’, Raleigh bikes are one of the first things we remember when we look back at our 80s childhood.

Which Raleigh bike model did you own?

1. Skip-It

Ok we’ll admit that although Skip-Its did encourage you to move, the jumping up and down didn’t actually get you anywhere.

They were still amazing however, especially if you could upset your younger sister by beating her high score.