10 Awesome Saturday Night TV Shows From The 80s!

We had some of the best shows in the 80s, especially the ones that came on Saturday night. How many of these shows can you remember watching as a kid?

1. New Faces

This was before the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

2. Bob Says Opportunity Knocks

Depending on how old you are you will remember the host as Hughie Green. But if you grew up in the 80s you will probably remember the host to be the late Bob Monkhouse.

3. Russ Abbot

Initially, this show was Russ Abbot’s Madhouse but in the 80s it was known as Russ Abbot Show.

4. Cannon and Ball

These two became famous quickly! They were known as the kings of light entertainment.

5. Late Late Breakfast Show

This is where Noel Edmonds got his start in television.

6. Little And Large

Nobody ever reached the same dizzy heights as Eric and Ernie.

7. Paul Daniels Magic Show

We all wanted one of his magic kits for Christmas.

8. Keith Harris Show

Who else loved Keith and his ‘Friends’ Orville the Duck and Cuddles The Monkey?

9. The Grumbleweeds Show

This was a popular show in the 80s!

10. 3-2-1

Although this was a game show it still made this list because it was also a variety show.