10 Amazing Cereal Box Toys From The 80s

Being a kid in the 80s was great! We had awesome toys, great outdoor adventures, and cereal! Yes, cereal was a huge part of growing up as a kid and the toys that came with it made it even better! Check out these 10 vintage cereal box toys that we all got and collected as kids.

1. Bike Spoke Reflectors

If you found this one lurking in your Kellogg’s box you were one happy kid.

2. Rubber Poppers

We spent hours playing with these dome shaped toys.

3. Pencil Toppers

We tried to collect all of them!

4. 3D Glasses

We would spend hours looking at the back of the cereal box.

5. Money!

If you bought five packs of Shredded Wheat cereal, paid for the postage and then waited 28 days for delivery, you could be the proud owner of a £1 coin!

6. Shrinky Dinks

We loved playing with these magical figurines!

7. Water Transfers

We felt like adults with these things! We just had to be patient while applying them or they would mess up and look ugly.

8. Badges

We loved getting those badges and stickers in the Weetabix box!

9. Trivia Booklets

These were fun and popular!

10. Pop Posters

Who wouldn’t want to have their favorite bands poster?