All of these shows were extremely popular in the 80s. However, over time, they have been off the air and therefore, out of our lives. We can remember looking forward to watching many of these shows in the 80s because they were unique and heartfelt. They just don’t make them like they used to! See if you can remember watching any of these programs all of the time:

1. Small Wonder.

This was an odd show about a robot who looked just like a girl. She was mostly the maid and sometimes she would malfunction in front of people.

2. My Secret Identity.

This forgotten little gem was all the rage, starring little Jerry 0′ Connell who grew to be quite famous for his roles.

3. Life Goes On.

This show tackled some tricky issues. The first one being a Down syndrome family member named Corky and it was the first of its kind. Later, the show featured a character with AIDS who was the daughter’s boyfriend.

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4. Love, Sidney.

This show will take you back! It only aired for a few years but it was memorable due to the character played by Tony Randall.

5. It’s A Living.

This show was about being single and working in the big city. It starred the beautiful Ann Jillian.

6. Double Trouble.

These twins would often try to confuse people by switching their identities all of the time. It’s what all twins were good at doing.

7. Freddy’s Nightmares.

A spin-off from the epic films and just as scary!

8. Great Space Coaster.

This was a weekday morning show that you would try to squeeze in before it was time to board the bus for school.

9. Today’s Special.

This series was about mannequins that came to life after hours and helped to kick off the early days of Nickelodeon.

10. It’s Your Move.

This only lasted for one season but one of the characters was the famous Jason Bateman!