20+ Amazing Ideas We Can’t Believe Aren’t More Common!

20+ Amazing Ideas We Can’t Believe Aren’t More Common!

Humans certainly have some grand ideas…sending man to the moon, building a great wall across China. We have cured numerous diseases, cracked mysteries of the universe and, quite possibly our most significant achievement, discovered cheese goes well with chips.

On a smaller scale, some of us put our genius to more practical use…making people’s lives better and easier one small thing at a time.

Behold 20 (and then some) ways in which humanity has surpassed themselves with these incredibly clever ideas…

A way not to waste water

This toilet allows you to wash your hands and re-use the water for the next flush.

This is one little way we can help the environment.

A way to get you to clean up

This beach cafe has a great way to incentivise people to clean up!

If you collect a bucket of rubbish, you will be rewarded with a free coffee.

For both dogs and humans

This water fountain doesn’t just think about thirsty humans.

The water runs into a basin to give dogs a drink too!

A useful warning

There’s nothing worse than driving along in a lorry and misjudging the height of a bridge.

This sign will warn you before this happens.

Taking pills was never easier

Have you ever forgotten if you’ve taken your pills in the morning?

Well this pill bottle lid tells you the time since it was last opened, so you never need to worry! Genius.

A better way to select a floor

This is perhaps our favourite on the list. Ever been bored of using your fingers to press buttons?

This elevator gives you the option of kicking to select a floor instead.

For those who need a bit more time

For some people who find it difficult to walk, or who are disabled, they feel rushed when crossing the road.