29 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Deformities

29 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Deformities

Celebrities have it all, right? Good looks, fame, money – sometimes, they just seem in a league above everyone else.

Tom Hardy is just pure perfection right? No deformities here, surely?

Believe it or not, though, celebrities are mere mortals just like the rest of us.

They the same problems, the same woes and – sometimes – the same wonky toes.

What could possibly be wrong with Britney?

Multi-coloured eyes, missing fingers, third (and sometimes fourth) nipples.

Celebs have their own abnormalities that, thanks to airbrushing and careful on-screen lighting, you may never have even noticed.

Now we won’t hear anything bad said about Harry!

In this post, we look at 26 celebrities with something unusual in common: the quirky deformities that make them unique.

29. Denzel Washington – crooked little finger

Not even 62-year-old hard man and eternal heart throb Denzel Washington comes without his flaws.