34 Things You Didn’t Know About RuPaul and Drag Race

34 Things You Didn’t Know About RuPaul and Drag Race

Yes gawwwd we’re talking about the one and only, RuPaul Charles!

Ru has graced us with her presence ever since November 17th, 1960. Born and raised in San Diego, Ru studied the performing arts before heading over to New York to put it all into practice.

Ru became a popular fixture on the nightclub scene and achieved international fame as a drag queen with the release of his debut single, “Supermodel  (You Better Work.) It was included on his debut album, Supermodel of the World. 

In 1994, Ru became a spokesman for MAC Cosmetics, raising money for the Mac AIDS Fund. In the same year, he received his own talk show, The RuPaul Show, on VH1.

For us millennials, we know Ru best for the hit show, RuPaul’s drag race, having celebrated its tenth season this year.

Ru keeps going from strength to strength, so let’s dive a little further into his life and find out who really lies underneath the wig and Klein Epstein and Parker suit…

34. He was kicked out of High School

Some people and school just really don’t mix. This was exactly the case for Ru.

He was kicked out of Patrick Henry High School in the 11th grade because of persistent truancy.

Ru later attended the Northside School of Performing Arts near Atlanta, Georgia.

He didn’t complete his studies there either.

But luckily for Ru, he didn’t need grades darling, just an education on drag herstory.

Who needs grades when you’re the most successful drag queen in America?

33. He is the first Drag Queen to get a Hollywood walk of fame

RuPaul made history in March 2018 when he became the first drag queen to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.