20 Craziest Conor McGregor Moments

20 Craziest Conor McGregor Moments

Few fighters polarise opinion quite like super-confident mixed martial arts showman Conor McGregor.

While Anthony Joshua might launch charm offensives wherever he goes, Conor McGregor prefers to take a slightly more offensive route to the top of his chosen fight discipline.

Often rubbing his opponents up the wrong way, McGregor routinely leaves any of his Irish charm at home.

But if you like your warriors a little in-your-face and rough around the edges, yet with undeniably crowdpleasing charisma, then the self-assured McGregor ticks all the boxes.

There’s rarely been a week in the past couple of years when McGregor’s face hasn’t been staring back antagonistically at us from the back pages of newspapers.

There’s been his Hollywood-written cross-discipline fisticuffs with equally cocky (yet recently retired) boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

More recently, there were hostilities with Russian UFC opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov (as if you could have missed it).

Here are 20 of the craziest things Conor McGregor has done in his career so far.