Wetherspoons Are Getting Rid Of Jägerbombs For This Reason

Wetherspoons Are Getting Rid Of Jägerbombs For This Reason

There’ll be no more cheeky Jagerbombs at Wetherspoons, as the British pub chain has announced that it’s to remove Jagermeister – along with other European spirits – from its shelves.

From 26 September, the German Jager and the French Courvoisier VS and Hennessy Fine de Cognac will no longer be served. In their place will be the British and non-EU alternatives Strika, produced in England; E&J Brandy, from the US; and Black Bottle, from Australia.

It’s the latest headline-grabbing move from the pro-Brexit Tim Martin, founder and owner of JD Wetherspoon plc. It comes after Champagne and wheat beers at Wetherspoons were already replaced by alternatives from the UK and Australia.

According to Martin, Wetherspoons ditching products from EU countries in favour of non-EU alternatives will further emphasise just how glorious Brexit is going to be.

A statement from Martin read: “In reality, there is no cliff-edge, only sunlit uplands beyond the EU’s protectionist system of quotas and tariffs. All EU products have UK or non-EU replacements, often at equal or better quality and price.”

Martin added that “It’s important to remember that 93 per cent of the world is outside the EU.” So far, all of Wetherspoons’ new alcoholic alternatives have originated in three countries.