V The Series. The Best Sci Fi TV Show Of The 80’s?

V The Series. The Best Sci Fi TV Show Of The 80’s?


V is for Victory my friends, apart from when its not. Which is actually now, as it stands for ‘Visitors’. I remember being ridiculously excited about every episode of this. Its now looked back on as a bit of a ‘Cheesefest’.

Try telling that to my far-too-young-to-be-watching-it self. It had everything I wanted: Big spaceships, mysterious aliens, laser guns and a main character called ‘Ham’.

For those of you reading this that haven’t watched it, V in a nutshell is about a group of seemingly friendly Aliens turning up on Earth and pretending to be friendly, but really they have have lizard heads, like to eat rodents and want our water supply. They’re a little bit naughty. I’ve re-watched both the mini series and V: The Final Battle a few times since, and its still fantastically good fun.

The series was intended as a literal retelling of the Nazi takeover of various countries, and the resistance movement against them. However, because of the popularity of the Star Wars saga and other science fiction hits, as well as the belief among network executives that U.S. citizens would not believe a fascist takeover, the network executives had the producers change it to a science fiction miniseries.

Even the Visitors’ symbol is actually a modified swastika.

In a massive media campaign before the V (1983) series aired, posters with the line “The Visitors Are Our Friends” appeared in subways around the United States – just as they did in the first part of the miniseries. Several days before V: Liberation Day (1983) aired, each poster was spray-painted with a bright red “V” exactly as was done in the show.

Marc Singer, fresh off from knocking about with wildlife in a loin cloth (Marc, not the wildlife) was the main squinty eye’d male protagonist Mike Donovan.

Look at the squint on that.

The music that plays when the ship is first seen has as a major motif consisting of three short notes followed by one long note. This is the letter V in Morse code. It is also patterned after Ludwig van Beethoven’s fifth symphony.