Polly Pocket is Back and She’s Had a Makeover for 2018

Polly Pocket is Back and She’s Had a Makeover for 2018

If you were a girl in the 90s, we can guarantee you were the proud owner of a Polly Pocket at some point.

Whether it was the shell, star, or love heart that took your fancy, these adorable compacts containing tiny worlds were a childhood staple.

The beloved toys were originally launched in 1989 by Bluebird Toys and were a huge success for the small toy manufacturer, selling a whopping 10 million compacts overall.

That was until it was taken over by Mattel, and Polly Pockets were discontinued in 1998 after a lull in sales. Mattel tried to relaunch the doll in a larger form in the early 2000s, which didn’t go down well with fans of the original play sets, and Polly was dumped yet again.

However, everybody’s favourite pint-sized princess is making a comeback, with Mattel dropping a pretty big hint on their Instagram account this week.

The toy giant shared a throwback snap of popular 90s Polly Pockets, along with the caption: “Polly knew tiny houses were all that and a bag of chips before any of us.”

When one curious fan asked “Are y’all releasing new ones??” Mattel simply replied: “Big dreams come in small packages, be on the lookout this July!”

Way to hype us up!

The new play sets are based on the original Polly Pocket designs, which has pleased 90s kids, who can now buy the new version of the classic toy for their own children.

They’ll be available in the US from next month, but customers can get a sneak preview on Mattel’s website.

Although they aren’t exactly like the 90s version we grew up with, they’re a lot better than the “fashion doll” that Mattel previously tried to make happen.

And Polly has clearly embraced 2018 fashion and style, with a modern make-over that we’re honestly a little bit jealous of.

I mean, who hasn’t wanted to live in a cupcake?

Or a snow globe?

(No? Just me?)

Sadly, there’s no word as to when the new Polly Pockets will be available in UK. In the mean time, you can shop Truffle Shuffle’s official Polly Pocket fashion line. It’s basically Polly Pocket for grown-ups!