20 Naughty Hidden Secrets In Disney Films

20 Naughty Hidden Secrets In Disney Films

The family-friendly world of Disney has long been accused of having sexual imagery hidden in some of its animated films and promotional material. Shocked parents may well have ended up noticing some very questionable additions to their kids favourite Disney movies. Were they added on purpose? Were they the work of disgruntled animators? Or is it all a load of old tosh?

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Sometimes, rumours of inappropriate jokes in beloved Disney films have turned out to be completely false. A well-known example appeared on the Internet a couple of years, when a particularly rude image from Toy Story 3 started circulating on the internet (we’ll let you spot the X-rated shadow for yourself in the image below!).

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Thankfully the viral image later turned out to be a well-executed hoax. However, viewers have spotted far more deliberate innuendos in some of their favourite Disney cartoons.

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Please do join us in taking a look at 12 of the most controversial ‘secrets’, but don’t blame us if this ruins your childhood…