Harold From Neighbours Has Grown A Beard and Looks Foxy

Harold From Neighbours Has Grown A Beard and Looks Foxy

When I think back to my days growing up. I used to get home from school, put on the TV while mum made dinner and watch Home and Away and Neighbours. It is hard to believe that is now over 20 years ago.

In this article we wanted to take a look at what some of our favourites from the show are up to nowadays.

1. Felicity Scully as Holly Valance

Felicity Scully from Neighbours appeared on screens 1999 – 2002. Felicity joined the show’s list of characters in 1999 when she and her family moved in to the area. She was an active feminist at the time when she joined the show, even at the tender age of 15.

Felicity went through a string of crushes on other characters in the show, most notably Flick, and had some intriguing story lines over the years that she appeared in the show. Which of her story lines was the most memorable and your favourite?

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After coming out of Neighbours in 2002, she released her first album Footprints, which included the single “Kiss Kiss”. In 2004, Valance returned to acting but this time in the United States instead of Australia.

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She appeared in episodes of CSI: Miami and Entourage and then in 2005, she appeared in an episode of CSI: NY. In 2006, she appeared in Prison Break as Nika Volek and she also appeared in the National Lampoon comedy Pledge This! alongside American socialite Paris Hilton.