17 Of The Best Photos Of Unexplained Creatures Ever Taken

17 Of The Best Photos Of Unexplained Creatures Ever Taken

With the advances in technology and the invention of the internet, the world is becoming a smaller place. Things that were once mysterious and exotic are now normal.

We can no longer marvel at things that are mysterious because, well, they’re not. We’ve explored everywhere nearly there is to explore and there are not many mysterious things to discover.

Well…not quite. Legends of strange creatures and animals still enchant us, rare creatures like Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. We like to believe these things exist, and it fills us with intrigue.

Reports of sitings of these creatures pop up every now and again, and even more excitingly, so do photos! We’ve complied fifteen of the best photos of unexplained creatures ever taken!


17. The Beast Of Tenby


This thing is known as the Beast of Tenby. It was washed up on a beach in the UK and photographed by a man taking his dog for a walk. It had five toes, an odd snout, sharp teeth and was once covered in hair.

Many people believe it to be a badger, but there are those who say the features are clearly different from a badger.

It has never been identified and only photos remain.