24 Things You May Have Missed In Pretty Woman

24 Things You May Have Missed In Pretty Woman

It’s hard to deny that the 1990 American romantic comedy has made its mark on the movie scene, with Box Office Moho listing it as the number one romantic comedy by the highest estimated domestic tickets sold at 41,176,400 tickets.

In this article we have put together a load of things you may have missed when you watched the movie.

1. The Necklace Scene Wasn’t Planned

Did you know that the famous necklace scene wasn’t actually planned?

Yes, Julia Roberts wasn’t feeling well so Richard Gere shut the case to make her laugh, and because her reaction was so perfect and honest that they decided to keep it in the film.

According to director Gary Marshall, it wasn’t until the last moment of editing that they decided to use the scene. “We put it in… and it became like the trademark of the movie.”

I bet they’re pretty glad it didn’t end up on the cutting-room floor.

2. The Necklace Itself Was Worth Rather Alot

The necklace was worth a whopping $250,000 real life dollars, so the jewellery store sent a security guard to stand next to the director during filming.