23 Toy Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Children’s toys are designed to be just that right…for children. They are innocent and innocuous, often fluffy and cuddly.

Having toys is part of life, and no matter how old we are, we still like playing with ‘toys,’ even if these toys get much more bigger and expensive as we grow up.

Toys can play a big factor in development during childhood.

It can influence education and improve abilities and skills that kids need to prepare them for later life.

There are four areas where toys help the development of children: motor skills, emotional development, social development and cognitive development.

For motor skills, toys can help children to take part in physical activity by developing their fine and gross motor skills.

Activities such as colouring in and fancy dress allow kids to use their sense of touch and sight.

Walkers, bikes etc boost their physiognomy  and will strengthen their arms and legs.

These types of toy can also assist children in discovering balance and coordination.

Toys also help boost a child’s creativity and helps them to show their emotions.

This could be through both role playing and acting, or playing with action figures.

Children are able to put action figures in an ordinary environment like a dolls house, or they can invent a fantastical world like underwater paradises.

As well as improving children’s language skills, toys also teach can teach social skills.

Toys are able to give an understanding of the society and world in which they live.

Sometimes, however, things can happen during the design and the production of these toys which make them…a little less child friendly.

These are often due to misplaced parts, poor pictures placements or misspellings.

Here we take a look at 23 toy design fails that are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

1. To Infinity And Bey…Oh.

My, what a massive straw you have Buzz.

We’re not quite sure that this rocket will get you back into space.

Imagine staring into those alien eyes as you’re sucking on your drink.

It would be enough to put anyone off.

Yes, the designers of this cup really didn’t think about placement.

I’m Andy would get a right shock if he saw this.

2. Spiderman, Spiderman, Can Do Whatever A Spider Can…

…but can a spider rice a quad bike?

We think not?

And, oh my! What is that between your legs Spidey?

Our spider senses are tingling if it is what we think it is.

Obviously a bit of spidy-web has just got itself loose and caught down there.

Either that or there was a spare bit of plastic left over in the factory.

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