The Best Reactions From Zuckerberg’s Congress Hearing

The Best Reactions From Zuckerberg’s Congress Hearing

In a matter of a couple of clicks, it is possible to find out quite a lot of personal information about a person…their phone number, their date of birth, their family, where they live, who they’re friends with. That’s right, we’re talking about Facebook. People put a lot of trust into this social media giant when it comes to information about themselves. With everyone being able to control their own security settings, we like to think that this information is limited to only those who we choose to see it, i.e close friends and family.

However, as has been seen recently, that is not always the case. In the last few weeks, Facebook has been under the microscope after it was revealed that the Trump-affiliated political consulting organisation, Cambridge Analytica, stole data from approximately 87 million of its users. The company also admitting that is scans all of our conversations in the Messenger app didn’t help their popularity either.

Because of these events, founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was summoned before congress at Capitol Hill to explain to Congress what had happened and how it was going to be fixed. Naturally, the internet took full advantage of this very public and live hearing that took about five hours in total. And with so much footage and materially, also natural are the countless memes that have surfaced since, poking fun at ‘Mr. Zuckerbot’ and his company. He may be one of the world’s richest people, but this does not exempt Zuckerberg from a little public humiliation from time to time. Check out some of the best of what the internet has to offer…

1. Roasting on a Rival Platform

Obviously people in their droves took to rival social media site Twitter to put their tuppence in about the matter. This user perfectly sums up how Zuckerberg must have been feeling. And he wasn’t wrong – some of the senators’ questions showed that they didn’t really understand how Facebook works. Have a look below at just how little they know…

2. Mr. ‘Zuckerbot’

Many people thought that Zuckerberg had perhaps been spending a little too much time on the internet and has become somewhat robotic. This gif perfectly sums up their point, with his strange and somewhat sinister smile.

3. Any Questions You Say?

This would definitely be the most pressing issue if we were to interview Zuckerberg. We’d probably ask about Candy Crush too whilst we were at it.

4. Another Zucker-Bot

Zuckerberg probably has the finances in order to clone himself several times over and send his robotic versions of himself out for remedial tasks like this whilst he sits poolside sipping on cocktails all day. If this is the case, we don’t blame him.

5. I Want To Harvest Your Data

Excuse us whilst we just go and delete our Facebook account. To be fair, if he gathered data from me it would probably have the opposite effect.

6. Thinking About Where it All Started

This is the face we’d pull if we managed to accidentally achieve something similar. This is definitely a case of ‘well that escalated quickly.’

7. Type The Word To Enter

When trying to log into a site, many of us have to prove to CAPTCHA that we are not a robot. We’re a bit worried that Zuckerberg might have some difficulty getting past this difficult task.

8. Facebook: The Sequel

This one refers to the biographical film about Zuckerberg titled ‘The Social Network,’ starring Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg. The above image looks like a press conference for its sequel.

9. It’s Only Water Mark

Yes Mark, humans drink water and that’s sort of how you do it. Or maybe it’s WD40 in there, oiling up his vocal chords. Who knows?


It’s that relationship status update that is designed to get everyone’s attention. “Ohh what’s up babe, what’s happened?” It usually occurs after an argument or semi-break up had occurred. We’re thinking this is what Zuckerberg feels about his relationship with Facebook right now.

11. Spitting Image

It’s uncanny right? Both are robotic humanoids and strangely enough, they both look alike.

12. If You Don’t Love Me At My…

If you don’t love me at my congressional hearing, then you don’t deserve me at my Facebook profile pictures. No T, no shade no pink lemonade.

13. Un-Friended

“I sent him a request to be my friend two months ago now and he still hasn’t accepted. Does this mean my request hasn’t gone through?”

“No Congressman, this means your grandson doesn’t wish to see ten failed selfies of yourself every day telling everyone how you feel.”

14. i-Robot

This is a live shot of Zuckerberg at the congressional meeting. Doesn’t he look so full of life!


Everyone remembers Tom from Myspace, that friendly fella who everyone seemed to be friends with when they first logged on (this is because he was the founder.) Well as this says, we bet he’s having a right laugh at Zuckerberg as all this is going down. And who could blame him? We’ve had a right laugh looking at some of these memes.