31 Examples Of When Childrens Drawings Go Horribly Wrong

31 Examples Of When Childrens Drawings Go Horribly Wrong

Let’s face it, kids aren’t renowned for their artistic skills.

But we’ve gotta hand it to them, they sure get stuck in and give it a go.

But sometimes things don’t go quite to plan and don’t turn out quite like what they’re supposed to look like.

Sometimes spelling mistakes can turn the innocent into something totally different.

Drawing is one of the first skills that a child is able to do. They can easily pick up a crayon, drag it around a piece of paper and voila!

There you have a drawing. New technologies are becoming much more accessible to children.

With these new technologies come new ways to learn important new creative skills.

Drawing is an absolute fundamental one of these skills, and the reasons why are pretty obvious.

For one, it makes children more expressive.

They can’t always express themselves through words and action and therefore need to express their feelings through their drawings.

Being able to express feelings boots a child’s emotional intelligence.

It also enhances a child’s motor skills from a young age.

Staring your child as early as possible will help them improve their hand and eye coordination, whilst also fine tuning their finger muscles.

Drawing also helps to develop a child’s problem solving skills.

During drawing, a child is face with multiple decisions, from which colour to use, to how to connect parts of the drawings.

All of these questions require them to solve a problem.

And finally, it lets their imagination run wild. Drawing enables a child’s imagination to become more acting.

Each time they draw they access their imagination and make physical representations of what’s in their mind.

Sometimes, however, a child’s imagination can run a little too wild, as can be seen in the following examples.


This child clearly loves where she lives because we’re informed Muff is a town in Donegal.

Or maybe this is a simple misspelling of ‘Mum.’

Anyone who thought differently should be ashamed of yourselves.

And is that an apple she’s drawing?

If apple’s were truly that size then we wouldn’t be needing our five a day. One apple would suffice for the week.


One of many drawings that are of a similar vein (ahem,) this boy here has drawn a lovely pair of scissors!

I mean, the blade looks a bit wide but the handles are spot on!

If Antonia spent as much time on her art as she did her spelling, then we’re sure she’ll go far.

Keep your eye out for Antonia, age 5 in a gallery near you. These masterpieces will one day be worth a fortune.


Sometimes, one letter makes all the difference.

One letter may seem small, but it can drastically alter the meaning of a sentence, just like it does here.

After seeing this, the teacher might think twice about giving out whiteboards to the class.

We remember getting whiteboards. Our drawings were much more…implicit than this, shall we say.

Whatever her family are, we’re sure they will be proud.

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Maybe just think about what you’re asking a child to draw first.

This may seem innocent enough, but unfortunately the conductor’s whistle is more special than we could ever had imagined.

Also since when did people start thanking each other by blowing a whistle?

Can you imagine if everyone started blowing whistles to thank each other? Things would get very noisy.

People would just stop thanking each other and then we’d become a rude society.

Nobody wants this so we should just perhaps not whistle to thank each other.


This is the problem with phonics.

On it’s own, I sounds like ‘eye,’ but in a word, it’s always pronounced in it’s uncapitalised form.

We can see where this child made the simple mistake.

But why choose tights to represent ‘t’? We can think of better things…

Tent, tree, twit? They’ll have to be careful how they spend the last one.


Talking of tits…I mean tights…we’re hoping that those things up near her neck are just another item of strange clothing or accessory…maybe a large necklace?

We’re assuming this is the first day of school.

If that’s the case then when can we sign up?

Probably parents evening will give us our best chance.

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This photo says it all.

If you didn’t know that it was a Minions T-Shirt, you certainly would be wondering what was going on in this photo.

Also what is this kid holding? Whatever it is it’s big and green.

To us it looks like a giant book at that the Minion looks very surprised with something it has read.

Perhaps it’s a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey?


“You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes I do.”

No…you really don’t. Please Jesus, let your disciples wash their own feet.

We’re not sure if this was done in art class or R.E.

Also we wonder who that ghostly figure is that he began to rub out.

Maybe the ghost of the last disciple who’s feet he washed.

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Well they’ve got the fur in the right places, but we’re not quite so sure about the shape…looks more like an elf’s hat or a banana if you ask me.

Not quite the Santa’s hat we were looking for.

Can you imagine if you saw Santa coming down the chimney wearing this?

You’d regret leaving him the mince pies and glass of sherry.

We’d neck the sherry and quickly get out of there.


This boy is giving moral support when it comes to his Dad and…what’s she called?!

Well, his Dad and his friend’s little wrestling match in the bedroom.

He knows his Dad is winning because of the sounds she is making.

We’d like to think that they have a full scale wrestling ring in there.

And now, from the red corner…it’s Dad.

And from the blue we have…Mum! Now fight.

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Ok Buzz Lightyear you calm down there!

Everyone loves a pie…but nobody loves them THAT much.

This makes me think of American Pie, and talking of American pie, have you seen the Sherminator recently?

He’s changed a fair bit.

We hope that it’s not Andy’s pie that you’re talking about.

He was probably planning on eating that later.


Like father like son.

Not only does this Dad play the role of the best cock ever, he also looks like one too.

Get it framed and put up in your kitchen!

Also what do you think that he has in his frying pan?

Is it even a frying pan?

Those red things could be sausages and maybe that yellow thing is an egg?

Whatever they are, they look tasty.

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Again, phonics, but I can’t think of any word in which a single ‘i’ sounds like ‘ee.’

Still, Cameron H, we get where you’re coming from!

We also like the feel of sand under out fit.

On a day as hot as today that coconut is looking awfully appealing.

We just fancy cracking it open and sucking out its sweet juices!

Also being that pale, we hope the girl is wearing sunscreen.


Oh what a lovely bunch of horses? And…oh my, what is that horse doing?

It must just be rearing onto its back legs.

That’s right, nothing to see here people move on.

Although the horses in the background seem to be very interested.

Maybe they’re seeing how it’s done.

We can assure you, it shouldn’t be done like that!

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Wow these apples sure do have a long stalk.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that they’re more stalk than apple.

I would want my money back if I found these in my bag of apples.

If they were as big as the one in the first picture then we wouldn’t need five apples.

One apple would last us a life time.

Or a whole week at least.


“And now I’d like you to title this lovely picture that you’ve drawn today.”

“Umm, ok, I’ll call it ‘destroy.'”

*Teacher quickly gets on the phone to the boys parents to talk about his mental wellbeing.

If it’s the teacher in the sixth picture then we’d be there like a flash.

I would admit that it was my fault and that I can be put straight into detention.

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Another teacher – “Ok and now I would like you to draw some of your aspirations in life.”

Ok, I’ll admit it, this is just one that I drew as a kid and scanned in.

I’m currently living the dream, minus the sun bed.

We wonder what has happened in this child’s life to make her think like this.

Maybe she’s had some past relationship problems.

That boy who’s house she went round for tea in year two has seriously messed things up.


Kurt…his name is Kurt right?

We’re not sure what else it could possibly be but we’re sure hoping Kurt likes Hello Kitty and Butterflies.

This is definitely one of those cards that you will keep under your bed until you’re older.

And then one day remove from underneath the bed.

Then the obvious thing to do is to take a picture of it and stick it on the internet.

Well Kurt…we’re very pleased that you have.

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This is an important lesson that everyone should follow.

When touching dirty things please do remember to wash your hands afterwards to get rid of germs.

Although to us, that tap itself looks like its covered in nasty bugs.

Take time to make sure that you used some soap too!

We’re just off to do the same with our eyes.


This person has been brutally honest about their mum’s drinking habits.

In fairness, we can sympathise with the mother on this Friday afternoon.

We just want some wine!

From this post, another thing that people need to do less of is draw.

Children should put down the crayons right away.

Actually no…these are funny! Keep going guys.

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This person clearly doesn’t have very high hopes about their life expectancy.

Well fella, we’re much more hopeful for you.

These art skills are going to take you far, and hopefully further than 40!

Also that skeleton looks like it’s missing a few vital bones.

If we were this person, we’d get down to the X-Ray department straight away.

He might need holding together with some glue.


She’s not misspelled it as such, she just doesn’t have the letters in the right order is all.

But she’s gone from looking forward to Christmas to Devil Worshipper real quickly!

Scary how easily they’re pulled in nowadays.

Perhaps this version of Santa would wear that hat from the previous picture.

It would certainly be good to cover up his horns.

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Firefighter, let me just tell you with that hose, you’re more than welcome to save me any day.

In fact, is that the fire alarm I hear now?

To be fair, it’s that hot that I’m surprised nothing has caught on fire yet.

My fingers are about to at the speed I’m typing.

Excuse me whilst I evacuate the office.


Does anyone have any idea of what this is supposed to be?

A maypole perhaps?

That blue thing could be water so this could be a ship?

That water is looking awfully appealing right now.

If it’s a ship, we hope it has a diving board.

Or quite simply it could just be a giant dong.

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Pompeii might not have been quite as tragic if this Volcano had exploded instead.

Sure, it would have been messy, but it would’ve been much less deadly.

I know what I’d prefer.

Also when did volcanoes become so tall?

If Frodo had to climb this, then we’re sure the Lord of The Rings could have been five films.


What is it with Santa? This is the third time he has appeared in this post now.

Here he is seen delivering his big sack of presents under the tree.

We hope that he wasn’t caught kissing mommy under the tree.

Also that present under the tree looks a lot like a candle.

Children it’s not safe to put candles under a tree.

It should be removed straight away.

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This boy is clearly describing and drawing the time that a fly landed on his hand.

How do you solve it? You whack it off of course.

We recommend fly spray, that also works.

Or maybe a swatter? They’re more fun.

Or you could just get one of those blue lights that zap them?

Naaa forget it, just what it off.


This guy has taken what is a fairly obvious answer and has just rolled with it in the best way possible!

We’re going to get out anti-zombie kits ready.

Although to be fair, if we saw this guy coming, we’d probably give him a pat on the back.

With the world heading in the direction it is, I’d be happy to stay in my tomb.

We salute you little fella.

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This duck sure does have a long neck.

We’ve been talking about how one letter can make all the difference in a word.

We’re thinking if one letter was changed in ‘duck,’ we’d have a much more accurate drawing.

Imagine going to the park to feed the ducks and this thing walking out of the pond.

We’d give it all the break it wanted.

And once we’d dropped the bread, we would run a mile.


Another example of when a child has been perhaps a little too honest about what their parents get up to when they get home from school.

Man, we can just taste that wine already!

Also I’m afraid to tell you but that apostrophe doesn’t belong there.

But who cares? You’re young and it doesn’t matter.

And it looks like mum doesn’t help with the homework.

Why doesn’t she help? Because she’s drinking wine of course.

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And finally, this child is being brutally honest for a different reason.

I’m sure they mean it nicely, because naturally at Christmas everyone looks a little bigger after all that Christmas food.

Our favourite Christmas food is cheese! Lots and lots of cheese.

Oh, and pigs in blankets of course.

Has your child ever come home with a questionable drawing?

If so, stick it on the internet like these Mums have so we can all have a good laugh at it.