31 Examples Of When Childrens Drawings Go Horribly Wrong

31 Examples Of When Childrens Drawings Go Horribly Wrong

Let’s face it, kids aren’t renowned for their artistic skills.

But we’ve gotta hand it to them, they sure get stuck in and give it a go.

But sometimes things don’t go quite to plan and don’t turn out quite like what they’re supposed to look like.

Sometimes spelling mistakes can turn the innocent into something totally different.

Drawing is one of the first skills that a child is able to do. They can easily pick up a crayon, drag it around a piece of paper and voila!

There you have a drawing. New technologies are becoming much more accessible to children.

With these new technologies come new ways to learn important new creative skills.

Drawing is an absolute fundamental one of these skills, and the reasons why are pretty obvious.

For one, it makes children more expressive.


They can’t always express themselves through words and action and therefore need to express their feelings through their drawings.

Being able to express feelings boots a child’s emotional intelligence.

It also enhances a child’s motor skills from a young age.

Staring your child as early as possible will help them improve their hand and eye coordination, whilst also fine tuning their finger muscles.

Drawing also helps to develop a child’s problem solving skills.

During drawing, a child is face with multiple decisions, from which colour to use, to how to connect parts of the drawings.

All of these questions require them to solve a problem.

And finally, it lets their imagination run wild. Drawing enables a child’s imagination to become more acting.

Each time they draw they access their imagination and make physical representations of what’s in their mind.

Sometimes, however, a child’s imagination can run a little too wild, as can be seen in the following examples.



This child clearly loves where she lives because we’re informed Muff is a town in Donegal.

Or maybe this is a simple misspelling of ‘Mum.’

Anyone who thought differently should be ashamed of yourselves.

And is that an apple she’s drawing?

If apple’s were truly that size then we wouldn’t be needing our five a day. One apple would suffice for the week.


One of many drawings that are of a similar vein (ahem,) this boy here has drawn a lovely pair of scissors!

I mean, the blade looks a bit wide but the handles are spot on!

If Antonia spent as much time on her art as she did her spelling, then we’re sure she’ll go far.

Keep your eye out for Antonia, age 5 in a gallery near you. These masterpieces will one day be worth a fortune.


Sometimes, one letter makes all the difference.

One letter may seem small, but it can drastically alter the meaning of a sentence, just like it does here.

After seeing this, the teacher might think twice about giving out whiteboards to the class.

We remember getting whiteboards. Our drawings were much more…implicit than this, shall we say.

Whatever her family are, we’re sure they will be proud.

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