23 Rare Photos That Reveal An Unseen Side Of Things

There are some things in life that we simply don’t get to see much of, if at all.

Sometimes it is because we simply don’t know that we want to see it, or have never really thought about it.

The inside of a bowling ball for example. It’s not something you really think about when hurling it down a bowling alley.

I guess we also don’t think much about what happens behind the alley either once you’ve got that strike!

But just why are humans attracted to the unusual? Well a 1978 study by Geoffrey Loftus and Norman Mackworth might just hold the answer!

They discovered that people respond quicker to unusual or inappropriate objects in line drawings, such as an octopus instead of a tractor in a farm scene.

People moved theirs eyes an average of 7 degrees to fixate on the unusual objects. However, a study in 1999 seems to counteract this.

A team, led by John Henderson, found that people spotted a microscope in a bar scene no sooner than a cocktail glass in the same location.

Their eyes only moved an average of 3 degrees from where they were looking previously.

Either way, humans seem to be attracted to the unusual and things we haven’t seen before, so look no further, because both are included on our list of twenty-two photos that reveal a side of things you’ve probably never even thought about.

But once you’ve seen them, you’ll be glad that you have. Let’s kick off our list with…

1. Lost In Space

At first, it is difficult to really work out what you’re looking at. Is it something sticking out of a carpet?

It is a really zoomed in hair follicle? It’s actually neither of those things.

The perspective is deceptive (try saying that fast.) This is actually a photo taken by NASA of a satellite launching through the clouds.

The image is strangle peaceful and serene.

2. On Top Of The World


Ever wondered why so many people attempt the climb of the world’s tallest mountain?

Is it to find a serene and snowy landscape waiting for them at the top?

The reality is actually far more grim.

The summit of Everest is actually littered with discarded equipment, prayer flags and dead bodies. Lovely isn’t it? We won’t be booking out tickets any time soon.

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