20 Childhood Crisps You’ve Probably Forgotten About

20 Childhood Crisps You’ve Probably Forgotten About

How much pocket money did you get each week when you were a kid? 10p? 20p? 50p? Surely not a whole pound? However much it was, I bet you could afford to buy at least one decent packet of crisps with it, and boy did we have some amazing potato based snacks available to purchase back in the 1980s.

We bet you remember Space Raiders, and we bet you remember Chipsticks. But do you remember Nibbitz and and Super Hoopers? It’s these forgotten crisps that have inspired us to create the following ‘20 Childhood Crisps You’ve Probably Forgotten About’, so please do tell us which was your favourite, and make sure you let us know about any you believe we should have included…

1. Fish ‘n’ Chips

We know that many of you will have eaten Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips as kids, but were they one of your favourites?

2. Quarterbacks

Remember Quarterbacks? They were supposed to taste like American cheeseburgers!

3. Meanies

Believe it or not you can still purchase KP Meanies today!

4. Tangy Toms

Tangy Toms are also still available today, but do they taste as good as they did back in the 80s?

5. Happy Snax

Happy Snax were cheap, and great to keep us kids quiet for a few minutes!

6. Jaws

Jaws crisps were advertised as ‘the snack that bites back!’

7. Fangs

With Fangs you could send off for a ‘horror mask’ after you had consumed 6 packets.

8. Salt ‘n’ Shake

Salt ‘n’ shake crisps asked us to ‘look for the little blue salt bag’ which we had to open, insert and shake around the packet ourselves.

9. Loony Toons

Walkers released this range of crisps with packets that featured our favourite Loony Toons characters.

10. Banshee Bones

If we’re completely honest we don’t remember Banshee Bones, but we know for a fact that some of you do!

11. Hedgehog

Yes you read that correctly, there was once Hedgehog flavoured crisps. Did anyone ever try these? And more importantly, did they taste of Hedgehogs?

12. Football Crazy

These were ‘crunchy corn and potato snacks’, which somehow tasted better because the packet had some footballing action on the front.

13. Tudor

Do you remember Tudor crisps? Which was your favourite flavour?

14. The Real Ghostbusters

For 10p we could purchase these ‘teeth tingling’ tomato flavoured corn snacks.

15. Walkers OXO

Yes, Walkers once released OXO flavoured crisps. We’re sure they tasted fine, right?

16. Nibb-it

We’re scraping the very bottom of your memories now, does anyone remember these?

17. Potato Puffs

These were fantastic but were made up of about 90% air.

18. Wheelies

Somehow the motorbike action on the front of a packet of Wheelies made them taste twice as good.

19. Farmer Browns

Who remembers Farmer Browns? These crisps would have set you back a whopping 8p!

20. ThunderCats

These were crunchy snacks based on our favourite feline cartoon, and you could even send off for some free ThunderCats glitter stickers!

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