50 Fascinating Facts About Your Favourite Childhood TV Shows

Growing up in the the late 80s and early 90s we were blessed with a massive amount of quality TV shows, many of which have become classics that we love to watch again and again. We decided it was about time that we celebrated some of our favorite shows by compiling 50 fascinating facts about 11 of our favourites, and we really hope you enjoy reading them…



Jan-Michael Vincent’s Stunt Double Was Killed

Tragically, Jan-Michael Vincent’s stunt double Reid Rondell was killed in a crash whilst the show was still in production.

There Was Another Tragedy Connected To The Show

After Airwolf was taken off the air, the helicopter they used in the show tragically crashed, killing the three passengers that were on board. It had been sold to German company to be used as an air ambulance, and it was whilst being used for this purpose that the tragedy occurred..


It Was Not The First Helicopter Based TV Series

The first TV show to focus on helicopters was ‘The Whirlybirds’ which ran from 1957 to 1960. It featured Bell 47 helicopters, precursors to the Bell 222 helicopters used in Airwolf.