Remember Jane From Neighbours? Here Is What She Is Up To Nowadays

When I think back to my days growing up. I used to get home from school, put on the TV while mum made dinner and watch Home and Away and Neighbours. It is hard to believe that is now over 20 years ago.

Do you remember the super geeky Plain Jane from Neighbours?  We all loved her with her huge specks and her smarts.

Jane, who was played by Annie Jones first appeared on the show back in July 1986. Jones had originally auditioned for the part of Charlene Mitchell but that role went to Kylie Minogue. She phoned the producers for months after being turned down for the role of Charlene and eventually they agreed to cast her as Jane.

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During her time on the show “Plain Jane Superbrain” as she was known went through a complete image change from geek to sexy. She turned from a mousy nervous character into a heart breaker.

Her most notable storyline came when she went through a journey of self discovery ending in her removal of her glasses and putting on make up and sexy dresses. She did this in order to win the heart of Mike Young, played by Guy Pearce.

This is the moment she came out of her room all glammed up and mike saw her with her new image for the first time.

At the time the scene was hugely popular and everyone loved it. However since then it has been criticised for eluding to the fact that women who are intelligent and don’t wear a lot of make up and sexy clothes are less desirable.

Jones also received the Logie Award for Most Popular Actress while portraying Jane.

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In 1989, Jones decided it was time to leave the show so she could pursue other projects. Her contract was up for renewal and she was welcome to stay on the show but she declined. At the time she told Chrissie Camp (TV Week) that three years on a soap opera was long enough and the right time to leave.

Her exit involved her receiving bad news about Nell’s health and performing a “mercy dash overseas”. At the time she is engaged to Des who pleads with her not to move away.

She leaves regardless of Des’ request and their wedding plans are put on hold. She left and never came back.

After leaving the show, Annie Jones played a number of different parts. She was also an opalminer’s daughter in “The Flying Doctors” in 1990. She also played the title role in the drama Jackaroo (1990), which won her a second Logie award in 1991 – Most Popular Actress in a Telemovie or Mini-series.  Annie also played the part of Eva Kovac in the historical mini-series Snowy (1993).

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Following on from that Annie has played a number of roles in different shows including Wentworth (2013), City Homicide(2007), Stingers (2003), Blue Heelers (1994, 2002), Marshall Law (2002), Good Guys, Bad Guys (1997) and Halifax f.p. (2006).

Her role as Jane made her one of the most known Australian actresses in the 80s.

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She really has aged since the show but still looking good!

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