11 Poster Girls From The 80s That Every Guy Will Remember!

The 80s were filled with sexy ladies that all the boys and men idolized through the magic of posters.  Also, there was no shame in it! These girls were either scantily clad or just plain naked!  However, any good parent hopefully made sure that these posters weren’t too bad. Compared to some of the materials that adolescent males have access to these days, these posters are actually pretty tame.


Therefore, if you walked into any room of an 80s guy, you were most likely going to encounter one of  these sexy posters:

1. Samantha Fox.

This English dance-pop singer did a lot of these kinds of posters.

2. Christy Brinkley.

This super model was pretty and mostly kept her clothes on.

3. Heather Thomas – ‘The Fall Guy’.

Every boy obsessed over her.

4. Princes Lea – Star Wars.

Who could ever forget the golden bikini?

5. Kelly LeBrock – Weird Science.

They made her out of science!  Every boy wanted to be this smart!

6. Heather Graham – Squeaky Clean.

This supermodel made a big splash with this poster.

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7. Catherine Bach – The Dukes of Hazzard.

Another beautiful babe from a TV series.  Her short-shorts captured everyone’s attention.

8. Pamela Anderson.

Baywatch was her big hit TV show and the rest is history.

9. Susanna Hoffs – The Bangles.

She lead this band into greatness and also was considered a sex-symbol of that time.

10. Elle MacPherson.

This supermodel was all over these posters!

11. Heather Locklear.

Another model turned actress that every guy loved!

12. Kathy Ireland.

She was another great supermodel that also played some roles in some movies.

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