As Grange Hill Turns 40, Here Are What The Stars Of The Show Are Up To Nowadays

As Grange Hill Turns 40, Here Are What The Stars Of The Show Are Up To Nowadays

Grange Hill was one of the longest running TV shows running from 1978 to 2008. At its peak, in the 80’s, it was possibly the most talked about TV show in the School playground. Grange Hill wasn’t afraid to tackle controversial subjects and that is why we loved it so much. Let’s take a look back at some of your favourite characters and see what the people who brought these characters to life are up to these days.

1. Zammo Maguire

Starting off with the most controversial character in the show. We were by Zammo’s side during his heroin addiction. The storyline taught us about the dangers of drugs and lead to the ‘Just Say No’ campaign.

1. Lee MacDonald

Actor Lee MacDonald got involved in boxing after leaving the show. Unfortunately, he had to quit the sport in 1990, following a car accident. Lee owns a key cutting business based in London.

2. Gripper Stebson

Gripper Stebson was one of the big TV villains of the 80’s. The school bully was disliked by teachers, pupils and by us viewers at home as we watched him making other students lives a misery.

2. Mark Savage

Mark Savage has continued his acting career, recently appearing in the 2014 movie, Dangerous Minds of a Hooligan. He also co-runs a film company.

3. Bullet Baxter

PE teacher Mr Baxter was not to be messed with. He was best known for punching the bullying games teacher, Mr Hicks.

3. Michael Cronin

Actor Michael Cronin has appeared in many roles on TV and in the theatre. He has recently starred in the BBC TV drama ‘Merlin’ and the ITV drama, Vera. His first novel, Against the Day was shortlisted for the 1999 Angus Book Award. He also appeared in the 2013 movie, In Secret.

4. Roland Browning

Poor Rowland, we all felt so sorry for him as he was bullied by Gripper but we loved watching his confidence grow and his character flourish.

4. Erkan Mustafa

Following Grange Hill, Erkan appeared in BlackAdder and in Lenny Henry’s sitcom, Chef. He has just worked on a short film called The All Nighter, directed by Lee Phillips.

5. Tucker Jenkins

Tucker Jenkins was one of the most popular Grange Hill characters. He even got his own spin-off show called, Tucker’s Luck.

5. Todd Carty

Actor Todd Carty played big parts in Eastenders and The Bill. He has appeared on Celebrity Masterchef and Dancing On Ice. Recently, he has starred in pantomimes including Jack and The Beanstalk in 2016 in Newark-On-Trent.

6. Trisha Yates

Rebellious Trisha was always getting in trouble for wearing make up and flouting school rules.

6. Michelle Herbert

Michelle quit acting and now owns a family Glazing business. She has recently undergone a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Michelle has appeared in a national newspaper to raise awareness of breast cancer symptoms.

7. Janet St Clair

Ro-laaaand….. Janet was lovely, always looking out for her poor friend Roland.

7. Simone Nylander

Simone lived with her friend Russell Brand who she met at University for a time. She occasionally does modelling work and has worked for Simon Fuller’s 19 Management organisation.

8. Suzanne Ross

Popular Suzanne Ross was another Grange Hill rebel who would regularly stand up to bullys and teachers.

8. Susan Tully

After playing Michelle Fowler in Eastenders from 1985 to 1995, Susan has gone on to become a Director, working on recent shows including The A-Word, Silent Witness and Britannia.

Some of the gang even got together last year for this group shot.