25 Things You Probably Missed In Jurassic Park

For many of us Children of the 1980s, Jurassic Park was one of the most memorable cinema experiences of our youth.


Realistic dinosaurs are now commonplace, even on TV shows, but at the time we had simply never seen anything like it…

Personally I was obsessed with the film, watching it four times on the big screen, countless times on VHS, DVD and on Television, and even at my mates house on a dodgy VHS recording that someone had illegally filmed with a camcorder at their local cinema.

More recently I’ve even re-bought the whole original trilogy on Blu-Ray to enjoy some HD dino-goodness, but even with all these viewings I was shocked at how many important details I had missed from the film, so to rectify that we present to you ‘25 Things You May Have Missed In Jurassic Park’. How many did you notice?


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1. Did you notice that Alan and Ellie have a sign hanging up in their trailer that says ‘No animal released without paperwork completely filled out’. Ironic obviously considering their job, but a clever clue of the events that would then unfold later.

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