12 Images That Will Take You Right Back To Your Primary School Days

It may seem now, like a lifetime ago, so here are a few memories from Primary School. Some are still around today, others have long since disappeared.


Interlinking coloured blocks which meant your imagination was your only limitation when it came to building things. A little annoying when a previous user had been a bit heavy handed and squashed the connector though.

2. Frog Faced Wellies

Were you allowed on the school playing field when it snowed? You may have been but only if you had remembered to bring your wellies! These frog wellies were the must have accessory!

3. Copydex

Remember getting creative in class and making things? Usually this would have involved, sugar paper. glitter and copious amounts of Copydex to stick it all together BUT the best bit about Copydex was spending the rest of the day peeling it off of your fingers! Such an exhilarating feeling.

4. Temporary Classrooms

When the school’s population had outgrown the indoor classroom space, these beauties were bought in to save the day. Drafty as hell and freezing in the winter time, they usually consisted of a cloakroom in the middle and a small classroom to either side.

5. Overhead Projectors (OHP)

Sadly, long since replaced by the soulless Power Point Presentation. Remember singing hymns in assembly, reading off of a hastily scribbled acetate on the OHP? Those were the days eh!

6. The Big TV On Wheels

That moment that you were told to bring your tiny chairs to the front of the class and this monstrosity was wheeled out of the cupboard. Brilliant! As this means no proper lessons!

7. The Last Day Before Christmas Holidays

On the last day of school before the Christmas half term, the teachers were about as ready for a break as you were and often allowed the students to bring in and play board games. Other last day treats included, bringing in food and having a party or wheeling out the massive TV again to watch a film.

8. See Me Please

The dreaded red pen in your exercise book! This comment struck fear in more than most as it meant that you had messed up so monumentally that Teacher couldn’t be bothered to explain it on paper, much easier to chastise you face to face.

9. Mittens On A String

Did your Mum sew your mittens to the sleeves of your coat via a piece of string to stop you losing them? No cooler look was available when you were 6! Do parents still do this now?

10. Dinnerlady Gingham

The Dinnerlady. Halfway between your Teacher and your Mum. Dishing out food in the canteen and authority in the playground. We salute you and your pink uniform.

11. The Harvard Step Test/ The Bleep Test

If you went to a primary school that was hot on pupil fitness, you may likely have encountered (were forced into) either the Harvard Step Text or the Bleep Test. Both as physically gruelling as each other and likely to leave you feeling the repercussions for the next day or so.

12. Being Pulled Out Of Class/Assembly For Talking

This one is coming to you last as it’s perhaps not our most memorable highlight of our time at primary school. Invariably however, occasionally, the amazing thing that you were so desperate to tell your friend about, was FAR more exciting than whatever the Headmaster was harping on about. Once spotted by a watching teacher however, you were unceremoniously dragged from the sea of children, frogmarched to the sidelines and made to sit next to Teacher for the rest of the duration. If you were lucky you avoided spending lunchtime writing ‘I must not talk to my friends during assembly’ over and over. Oops!

So there we have it! Do you have any interesting stories about any of these?