12 More Classic Board Games From When You Were Growing Up

We had a look back at some classic board games recently including Monopoly and the true gem of the 80s, The Neighbours Board Game! Many of you had really fond memories of these games, so here are 12 more to take you straight back to the good old times of the summer holidays in the 80s!


Image result for downfall game

I can’t even start to tell you how many hours my sister and I spent playing this game. The game of strategy and skill to get your counters down to the bottom of the board before your opponent, and the feeling of elation and relief when they had to turn the dial that had 3 of your counters in and they’d plop out to victory!

Mouse Trap

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The game where you have to build up the trap ready to catch that pesky mouse. The game itself wasn’t always that interesting but this one was all about the end game and being the on to set off the completed trap!

Hungry Hippos

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This was could get a bot frenetic as everyone just smashed away at their hippo’s “tails” as fast as they could to get them eating the marbles. Time it right (or wrong) and a marble would get caught under the hippo’s mouth and ping across the table in to your opponent’s face – win by any means that’s what I say!

Bed Bugs

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Not sure how a game about a vibrating bed was really suitable for kids, but we’ll forego that for now. This one was great fun with the bugs jumping about and you having to try and pick them up with tweezers and get as many as possible!

Guess Who

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A classic game that is still popular today – though today’s characters look quite different and don’t have the same appeal. The game of guessing the person by narrowing it down one feature at a time – glasses, hair colour, facial hair, etc. We always played you weren’t allowed to ask if they were male or female until the third turn, did anyone else?


Image result for ker-plunk

Trying to pull out those sticks without the marbles falling was torture, especially towards the end of the game when it didn’t matter which you took those last marbles would fall and you simply didn’t want to take your turn and lose!


Image result for cluedo 1980s

A true classic. We spent so many hours playing this game, and it never got boring. Was it Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlet? The Library or the Conservatory? The candlestick or the revolver? That’s what you had to work out!


Image result for blockbusters board game

Based on the classic TV series, Blockbusters saw you always saying “Can I have a P please Bob” and sniggering with each other! The general knowledge quiz that really made you feel like a brainiac when you won!


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The board game version of the video game was really inventive as you took Pac-Man round the board, he had a hole in the bottom that allowed him to “eat” the dots as you went round avoiding the ghosts – great fun!

Go For Broke

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The game where you start with a Million Pounds and have to try and lose as much of it as possible before the rest of your opponents, kind of like a reverse edition of Game of Life!

Screwball Scramble

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This was so tricky and yet so much fun no matter how many times you completed it. Get the marble to the end of the assault course, but that blind maze, and those bloody tilting ramp bridges used to have me waking up at night sweating! I need to try and dig this one out as I have a need to complete it one last time!


Image result for frustration board game

The gimmick with this one was the die inside the plastic dome, you pushed it down to pop the die up rather than rolling it, and then moved your pieces round the board in a bid to get them all to the centre first – simple but effective fun!

Which of these gave you endless hours of fun? Which do you still play today? What have we missed out, and need to look back on? Let us know in the comments as always!