23 Books You Absolutely Couldn’t Put Down When You Were A Kid

Reading was one of life’s little pleasures when we were younger.  We can usually recall all of our favorite stories, even to this day.  That’s why when you see this list, you are going to freak out because you will fondly remember all of those hours that you spent clutching one of these books and hoping that you won’t be told to turn out the lights soon.  I know that I would not be the same today if I had not spent so much of my childhood reading through these amazing books.  Take a look:


1. Nancy Drew.

The mystery books that top them all!  We loved reading about this mystery-solving girl.

2. The Babysitter Club.

Reading these made us want to have our own clubs.

3. Goosebumps.

Scary stories to this day!

4. Roald Dahl books.

He just knew how to write a good story for us to read.  We loved them all!


5. Shel Silverstein books.

He was the hippie that knew how to write a good poem.  All of these books are fantastic!

6. Animorphs.

Who knew that this would turn out to be so popular?

7. Little House on the Prairie.

Great stories about the simple life.

8. Sweet Valley High.

These twins were always cooking up some mischief!

9. Boxcar Children.

Another good series that we spent our summers reading.

10. The Bobbsey Twins.

Plenty of adventures in these books as well.

11. Hardy Boys.

Some of these books are very collectible today.

12. Trixie Belden.

We were all fans!


13. The Saddle Club.

For those of us who loved horses.

14. Judy Blume’s.

We loved all of her books too.

15. Beverly Cleary.

Another writer that is dear to our hearts.

16. Amelia Bedelia.

That wacky girl!

17.  Choose your Own Adventure books.

These were very popular!

18. Magic Tree House.

Nothing beats these books.

19. Robert Munsch book.

Great picture books.

20. Dr. Seuss books.

Lots of rhyme with very little reason.

21. The Chronicles of Narnia.

A good one that made it to the big screen.

22. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Extended adventures of our favorite story.

23. Harry Potter.

Many of us are still fans.

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