10 Real Life Struggles We Survived That Kids Today Won’t Understand

The way that we grew up seems like a time that has long passed. In fact, kids today have to idea of the struggles that we faced. Obviously, everything took a little longer and communication was slower but our connections were real. That’s what we really miss about it all. I suppose we wouldn’t change it for the world and we wonder what it must be like to have no hardships at all like those that we faced. Do you really grow up properly without them? Let’s remind ourselves of a time that no longer exists:


1. Getting to know your family was something that you had to do face-to-face.

Now, we have Facebook to keep in touch.

2. Getting used to carrying around a lot of quarters to make your phone calls away from home.

Coins are not very convenient to carry.

3. MySpace making us pick our top 8.

We had to make some difficult choices.

4. Printing out our maps at home before hitting the road.

Hopefully, we didn’t misplace it!

5. Memorizing bus schedules before leaving home.

That was the only way to be sure you got to where you were going.

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6. Getting lost while driving and having to survey your surroundings on your own.

Not having technology on the road is a real bummer!

7. Trying to find your favorite recipe in an overstuffed box.

Now, we get to look it up or save it to Pinterest.

8. Strangers were a real danger!

We learned how to pay attention to the signs.

9. We had to show up to pre-planned events.

Or else, our friend would not know why we didn’t show up.  No texts to inform them.

10. Now, they have to find a way home and don’t have any quarters for a phone call.

Hence, the dreaded collect call!

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