What Do All Your Childhood Celebrity Crushes Look Like Now?

What Do All Your Childhood Celebrity Crushes Look Like Now?

It was so easy to have a crush on one of these stars when we were kids because not only did they appear on our favorite TV shows but they were often in all of our teen magazines as well.  So much so that we even felt like we really knew them.  Now, after all of these years, it’s fun to take a look back on how they used to look and then see what these beautiful people look like today.  Perhaps you were right to be so obsessed by them when you were a younger because many of them are still pretty hot today!  See for yourself:

1. Randy Taylor – Johnathan Taylor Thomas.

This little guy was a heartbreaker and he’s still pretty cute!

2. Toganga Lawrence – Danielle Fishel.

What guy didn’t have a crush on this girl? She was just soooo pretty and even more gorgeous today!

3. Zach Morris – Mark Paul Gosslaar.

He was always saving the day in the TV show ‘Saved By The Bell’ and is rocking the facial hair now:

4. Kelly Kaposi – Tiffani Thiessen.

She was Zach’s girlfriend on the same show. Somehow, they should still be together!

5. Shawn Hunter – Rider Strong.

The facial hair is the only real difference.

6. DJ Tanner – Candice Cameron.

This beautiful girl looks just as amazing as ever! She even came back to do this same show.

7. Steve Hale – Scott Weinger.

Incredibly cute then and still adorable today.

8. Alex Mack – Larysa Oleynik.

Less hair, more make-up, same great face!

9. Joey Russo – Joey Lawrence.

Ahhh, Joey! Thank goodness some things never change!

10. Samantha Micelli – Alyssa Milano.

The guys AND girls all loved her back then because she was so cute and moody! She also grew up to be pretty hot too!