10 Things From The 80s That You Thought Were Super Cool!

We have to admit that the 80s was a fantastic time to grow up.  Nobody seemed to judge our fashion sense and the world was booming with new experiences.  We were on the verge of greatness, the kind that we have become accustomed to today but back then, it was refreshingly new and exciting stuff. Every time that we thought that things couldn’t get any better, more cool stuff come into our lives. Here are some of those things that you are sure to remember:


1. Sunglasses.

They came in such a variety of styles and colors that we literally had endless possibilities.

2. Boom Boxes.

This was how we finally got to tote our music around with us in style and with plenty of volume!


3. Rappers.

These guys knew how to throw the rhyme with such awesome style and rhythm that we were instantly hooked!

10 Things From The 80s That You Thought Were Cool!

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