The Bizarre Story Behind This Famous Photo Of Richard Nixon And Elvis Presley

Being famous affords a person with a lot of privileges, even meeting the president of the United States! That’s what happened here when Elvis Presley met the then President Richard Nixon. However, this was much more than just a meet and greet. In fact, the two had something very interesting to discuss.

This photos inspired 2 movies and is the most requested photograph in the history of America’s National Archives.

Elvis fans clamor to get a glimpse of this famous photo:

Apparently, Elvis was a collector of guns and badges. He had lots of badges from police departments across America but he always had his heart set on one from the federal bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. His wife Priscilla said that Elvis thought that the badge would allow him to carry guns and drugs anywhere!

Elvis loved guns and badges.

He collected them both.

In his passion for acquiring one, he wrote a letter to the president and hand-delivered it to a White House guard. He was subsequently invited to the meet the President that same day on December 21, 1971. He showed up in classic Elvis style, wearing a purple jumpsuit and a huge gold belt buckle.

He even brought the Nixon a present.

A handgun which was confiscated by the Secret Service agents.

During their meeting, they talked about many topics including the Beatles, drug users and “Communist brainwashing”.

That’s when Elvis offered to help keep America safe if he only had a badge that he was coveting.

Elvis requested to keep the meeting between them a secret and so the public never knew about it or even saw the photo until his death in 1988. That’s when it was released to the National Archives where it has received over 8,000 requests for it.