12 Saturday Morning Cartoons From The ‘80s You Probably Forgot Existed

These are long gone and probably forgotten by now but once you see them again, you’ll realize that you completely miss them! They were the reason you woke up at all on a Saturday morning. These days, kids just sleep in and get to the Cable TV or computer whenever they are ready to start their day. However, back then we had no choice but to wake up as soon as possible in order to tune into these shows or else, we’d completely miss them and probably not have a chance to see that particular episode again. So, when that happened, it was a sad Saturday morning. Here are the shows that you really enjoyed watching:


1. Punky Brewster.

We loved her spunk and her adventures with her pet Glomer (the magical leprechaun gopher).

2. Wuzzles.

These were a group of winged hybrid animals that lived in their own Land of Wuz.

3. Shirt Tales.

This group of critters were all about crime-fighting and they were based on a line of Hallmark greeting cards.

4. Rubik, the Amazing Cube.

This magical cube came alive when the colored squared matched up on his side. Of course, we all had the toy as well.

5. Snorks.

These were a group of water creatures that lived in the sea in a place called Snorkland.

6. Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater.

Most of us were familiar with the toys but when she had her own cartoon, we were thrilled!

7. Kissyfur.

These were two circus bear who escaped the circus and moved to the swamps of Paddlecab Country to run a water taxi business.


8. Kidd Video.

This show is a little harder to explain and it ran for a little over a year from 1984-1985. (We’ll attach a video to jog your memory).

See if you recall this one from the intro:

9. The Berenstain Bears.

These were great books and that were perfectly portrayed in these cartoons.

10. Teen Wolf.

This cartoon was based on the popular movie and it ran for only 21 episodes.

11. Dink, the Little Dinosaur.

Who doesn’t love a cute little dinosaur tale?  This one was a lot like the movie ‘The Land Before Time’.

12. The Flintstone Kids.

A new version of the beloved tale about the Flintstone and his friends.

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