The Makers Of ‘Die Hard’ Finally Explained This Major Plot Hole

The Makers Of ‘Die Hard’ Finally Explained This Major Plot Hole

This action packed movie was released in 1988 and it was a hit! The star of the movie, Bruce Willis, was already well-known for his TV role in ‘Moonlighting’. However, this lead role certainly changed up his appearance for his fans and because of this, he became a major movie star! However, there is one scene in this epic movie that has always made the audience question how the main character, McClaine, knew that the German terrorist (who was posing as a hostage) was actually a terrorist. It was a pivotal point in the movie when the two were confronted and the hero hands the “hostage” a gun that wasn’t loaded when tried to shoot McClaine with it! That’s how we knew that McClaine was not fooled by the terrorist who tried to pass himself off as a hostage. Let’s take another look at this movie and then answer this question:

1. He became an action hero.

This movie solidified his status as an action-movie hero!

2. The franchise.

It was so popular that four more sequels followed.

3. The bad guy.

This was played by Alan Rickman and to this day, there is one moment that still has audiences confused.

4. The two meet.

When the German terrorist, Gruber, runs into the main character, McClane, he cleverly gets out of being caught.

5. He’s a hostage.

In order to get away with being the bad guy, he decides to pass himself off as one of the hostages.

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