This Is What The Inside Of An Etch A Sketch Looks Like, And It’s Not What You Expect

This Is What The Inside Of An Etch A Sketch Looks Like, And It’s Not What You Expect

Those of us who had an Etch A Sketch back in the day laugh now at its simplicity but at the time, it was revolutionary! I mean, to be able to draw lines without the aid of pen and paper and then to also be able to shake it clean and start all over again was amazing! However, even after all of this time, it’s funny that we can’t even begin to know how this amazing toy was made because not many of us had the ambition to crack it open to find out what makes it tick. Now, we have found a video that shows us exactly what is on the inside of one of these remarkable toys and it’s not at all what you might expect.

First of all, it was invented by a Frenchman named Andre Cassagnes who was an electrician with Lincrusta Co. It was initially called ‘The Magic Screen’ and it was taken to the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany in 1959. It was later picked up by the Ohio Art Company and that’s when it became a toy in every household.

Here’s the Etch A Sketch that we all know and love!

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It was first sold on the market in 1960 for the price of $2.99 and has since become a legendary toy! Those of us who had one spent many hours manipulating the knobs in hopes of creating another masterpiece before shaking the slate clean and starting all over again.

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Now, we get to see what the inside of this magic screen looks like in hopes of finding out how it works. In this video, they actually cut one open to reveal its contents to the world. The first thing that they noticed it that it was full of gray powder. Next, they smash the front of it to reveal the mechanics.

You’ll never guess what they found! Take a look: