Wife Loves Her Job Too Much, So Husband Fills Her Car With Cement

It’s always a bad scene when a husband and wife fight and you can only expect the worst to happen when it’s irreconcilable. Perhaps some things get broken or someone gets kicked out of the house. Hopefully, nobody gets really hurt and these days, people use social media to say bad things about each other and blow off some steam.  However, in this case, this irate husband decided to order a full sized cement truck to fill up his wife’s favorite possession (her car) to the windows with cement and it was all captured on video!

Of course, we don’t know the dirty details behind this madness except for the fact that she admitted to having an affair. Also, she had changed her last name in order to promote the store that she worked at. Regardless, his reaction to this discourse turned into a massive display of discontent which was witnessed by a passerby and even videotaped.

Here’s a photo of the scene in action:

Besides wondering what made this husband so angry as to take to this sort of action, another question comes to mind and that is the conduct of the cement truck driver. Did he even question why he was pouring cement into the window of a vehicle during broad daylight? There are so many questions to this scene but unfortunately, we are only left to speculate.

Meanwhile, the people of Russia were witnessing a real spectacle as they walked by a cement truck on the streets pouring wet cement into a parked car. Another interesting thing to note is that no one seems to be trying to stop this from happening. I guess this happens more often than we think! Who knows? We can only assume that something was done to retaliate against her publicly destroyed property.