Celebrate The Sinclair ZX Spectrum’s 35th Anniversary With… A New Retro Console!

When we talk about technology nowadays we think of powerful phones and fridges that have more computing power than anything we had growing up. But there is still something magical about playing an original console like the ZX Spectrum.


35 years ago they came out with this awesome console and we couldn’t get enough of it! With its anniversary we were really excited to see Britain’s favourite 8-bit computer have a Kickstarter going to bring us the ZX Spectrum Next.

The ZX had its 35th anniversary 2 days ago and something new is coming!

The Spectrum Next is not just a remake of an old console but rather a complete overhaul of a classic favourite. They plan on adding a faster processor and expanded range of graphics modes.

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Better graphics and fast processor!

The newer version of the Spectrum will play old games as well as an assortment of new games for the current generation. You can view the Kickstarter page here and check on the progress.

Check it out here: