25 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Done While Their Brain Was On Autopilot

Autopilot. We’ve all done it and when we do, we are always amazed at what get accomplished when our brains are shut off like this. It is as if we simply “checked out” for a moment or two and somehow, we have managed to attend to the things at hand without even realizing it!  So, when Reddit asks its users to describe some of the weirdest things that they have done on autopilot, here’s what they had to say:

1. This is what I do when I leave work – (DrGonezo).

There was a work meeting on the other end of the city, and my coworker wasn’t sure how to get there. I said “follow me” then proceeded to get on the freeway and drive home.

2. You knew what you were doing – (fod47).

I drive a friend home from work as she has no car and its like 2 am. Done this a few times but one day I drove home about half hour ride. She didn’t say anything until I got into my driveway. I was like omg. I forgot you where here as she was quiet. Apologized profusely as the implication could be misread. Took her home after we both got naked at wawa.

Good times.

3. Wrong place for that – (SalletFriend).

I ordered a meatlong football from subway. I then got upset when the dude had no idea what I wanted.

Then we both laughed.

4. There’s a fruity bowl of cereal waiting for you – (Aurora320).

Poured orange juice instead of milk into my cereal, put the bowl of cereal into the fridge, walked back to the table with nothing wondering where the fuck I put my cereal.

5. The exhausting – (jefferlewpew).

Spent ages cooking dinner only to pick the plate up and empty it straight into the bin. I was so tired and hungry, I cried