20 Things You Didn’t Know About Terminator 2

These movies were absolutely epic! The first one was amazing and the second one kept up the action with the addition of more special effects than we have ever seen in our lives at that time. You probably still watch this movie and wonder how some of it was done. For that reason, it will remain a pivotal movie in your memory and here are some interesting facts that you probably still don’t know about it:

1. The ‘b’ ‘p’ stands for “Benthic Petroleum” which is the company that owned the drilling rig in the movie ‘The Abyss’.

2. There was an alternate ending in which Skynet, the war and Judgement Day never took place.

3. Linda Hamilton’s twin sister played a small role as the T-1000’s imitation of Sarah.

4. The mall used in this film was the same as the one used in ‘Fast Time At Ridgemont High’.

5. This scene is a real location at a steel plant in Fontana outside San Bernardino. It was set afire by a disgruntle security officer in 1989.