18 Unanswered Questions from These 80s Kids Shows

Some shows were really great and some of them seemed to have forgotten to put some money into the storyline. Honestly, the unanswered questions in this batch of our favorite kid shows from the 80s are still gnawing at us. Let me show you what I mean:

1. Why were they all naked on the first episode of ‘Thundercats’?

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2. What happened to Velma and Fred on ‘The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo’?

3. What happened to Flim-Flam’s parents?

4. Why did they all eat at this disgusting place on the show ‘You Can’t Do That on television’?

5. Why didn’t Megatron ever get rid of Starscream?

6. Did anyone ever question why the Lawson family suddenly got a 10-year-old daughter?

7. Why wasn’t Jerrica upset about Rio cheating on her with her alto ego?

8. How did Denver survive being in an egg for millions of years?

9. How come this guy was never fired from his job?

10. Did these two ever cross the line?

11. How come Skeletor’s jaw didn’t just fall off?

12. Why weren’t the Doozers mad at the Fraggles for eating their buildings?

13. How did Gargamel know that Smurfs were delicious when he never caught one before?

14. Who was Baby Smurf’s father?

15. Where did these other Smurfs come from?

16. Why was a 13-year-old running her own restaurant ‘Punky’s Place’?

17. Is this an orphanage that the Muppet Babies live in?

18. And finally, what did Nanny look like?