13 Things Parents Just Didn’t Understand About Their Child In The 80s

13 Things Parents Just Didn’t Understand About Their Child In The 80s

I’ll bet that being a parent back in the 80s was a real challenge with all of the cool styles that we had going on!  They probably thought that we were absolutely mad.  All the while we treated them as if they didn’t have a clue about what they were saying because all of these things that we were into were “new wave” and so they just couldn’t understand what to do with us. For example:

1. No breakdancing support.

Getting cardboard from your parents was easy but getting them to understand why was a real challenge.

2. They didn’t know why you needed so much hairspray.

We had a lot of hair to deal with!

3. They spent the entire decade waiting for disco to make a comeback.

They even tried to show us some of their moves.

4. He never picked up the right album that you asked for.

So, you could never trust him.

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5. They got you Zips instead of Adidas.

They said that they were “close enough”.

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6. They never bought you enough leg warmers.

I mean, you can’t wear pink every time!

7. They made you wear your sister’s hand-me-down denim.

This was NOT the same as having a new pair that fits you like a glove!

8. They thought hair metal was just a fad.

On the contrary, it was epic!

9. They always made fun of your headbands and shoulder pads.

But you knew that they were never going out of style.

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10. They didn’t know that Jazzercise was a real word.

Look it up! Of course, it wasn’t there.

11. They didn’t think that Big League Chew was the same as food.

But we treated it like it was.

12. They never appreciated your Jem time.

Whenever it started, they took the TV back for themselves.

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13. They didn’t even buy you a real dog.

So, you had to be satisfied with a Pound Puppy instead.