United Airlines Is Getting Completely Roasted On Twitter With Suggested New Mottos

Who can forget recently when United Airlines overbooked a flight and took to fixing the situation by physically removing a passenger? Of course, they politely asked for volunteers to leave the flight and nobody budged. That’s when the airlines took the matter into their own hands and began to forcibly remove passengers from their seats. Unfortunately, one passenger refused to leave and was subsequently dragged down the aisle in such a harsh way that he was left battered and bloody. He was later allowed to board the plane again, apologized to and then given medical treatment. However, it was a shocking scene for many of the passengers while it was happening as they photographed the event and later posted those pictures on social media where they went viral.

Since then, the airlines watched the stocks plummet even after releasing this statement to explain their behavior, “After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate.” Meanwhile, the public continued its attack on the company as well. However, one of the newest attacks is now all over Twitter and it is called “New United Airlines Mottos” and they are brutally hilarious!  Take a look:

1. That nervous feeling you get when you board an overbooked plane:

2. Well, that’s all they really had to say!

3. This airline can get your kids up in a jiffy.

4. In this case it’s certainly true!

5. Could be a new place to watch a good fight.