Christopher Reeve’s Son Looks Just Like Him And People Are Freaking Out!

Imagine growing up with everyone knowing that your dad was not only a hero but a Superhero! Well, that’s pretty much the case with Christopher Reeve‘s son, William Reeve! His father played the epic role of Superman and his image as this character will be forever etched in our minds.  In fact, he has literally become an icon since this movie! Well, it’s been many years since that day and now, Christopher’s youngest son, William, is all grown up and he just so happens to look just like his and people are freaking out about the resemblance!


We all remember his father as Superman!

These were and will always be cherished movies.

Most kids would dream of looking like a Superhero like this:

Many still do!

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Superman is such an iconic figure.

No childhood was complete without this Superhero.

William always looked up to his father and now he grew up to look just like him!

Here he is as a young boy:

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