13 Wild Facts About ‘Wild Things’

These two teenagers, Suzie (played by Neve Cambell) and Kelly (played by Denise Richards) accused their counselor, Sam (played by Matt Dillon) of rape. In order to prosecute him, they hired a lawyer (played by Bill Murray) and a detective (played by Kevin Bacon) to investigate the alleged crime. Needless to say, it turned into an erotic filled movie that still has people talking. Now, here are some facts about this movie that you may not know:

1. Kevin Bacon didn’t like the script.

He thought that it was, “the trashiest piece of crap” ever! But that didn’t stop him from participating! He eventually discovered that it wasn’t what it seemed and that, “every few pages, there was another surprise.”

2. Robert Downey Jr. Was set to play Matt Dillon’s role.

Unfortunately, he had plenty of drug issues back then and the film’s insurance didn’t want to handle the liability that he may have caused.

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3. Denise Richards failed in her first audition.

They thought she was horrible at first but on her second attempt,s he did much better and they thought that she was beautiful.

4. John McNaughton created beautiful surroundings on purpose.

The filmmaker said, “I wanted it to be beautiful and lush and gorgeous like the movie was a commercial selling you that world.”


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