Film Buff Spends £70,000 Building 34-Seat CINEMA In His Back Garden

Film Buff Spends £70,000 Building 34-Seat CINEMA In His Back Garden

We all love watching movies at home. Especially when we have huge screen televisions and comfortable places to sit to watch them! However, this father of two took it to a whole new level! He spent four and half years and a huge chunk of his life savings to build a 3-seat cinema in his own backyard.

It was no small feat but Anderson Jones made his dream into a reality!

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Here he is in the completed cinema with his wife Jane and son Ethan.

This old film projector was reclaimed from an old movie house.

He revitalized it and uses it to view his films.

His cinema has a 1930’s feel with the big red curtains and red seats but it also has a retro 70’s feel to it as well. He says, “ I’ve been a cinema fan since as long as I can remember and since I was at school I’ve always wanted to build a cinema. I used to say to friends ‘I’m going to build a cinema in my garden.’ They didn’t believe me. I’ve been always collecting things from old cinemas, especially movie posters. In 2010 we moved into a house with a quarter of an acre of land and not long after I won planning permission to build my cinema.”

He also says, “ I used to be a kitchen fitter so I can do plastering and brick laying and built the cinema myself. All my life saving have gone into it. My wife Jayne loves films and my children, Hannon who is 21 and Ethan who is 16, love the cinema too. I’ve even got their X-Box rigged up to the big screen!”

Almost everything in it is an old or retro item from cinemas of the past.

It is inside a 40ft-long brick building in Anderson’s back garden in Stoke-on-Trent

Inside it has a 17ft by 17ft screen.

It also has a concession stand.

See the box office he built on the next page…


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