Retro mobiles sell for £1k on eBay – are your old handsets worth a small fortune?

Retro mobiles sell for £1k on eBay – are your old handsets worth a small fortune?

Many people that I know have an entire drawer in their homes dedicated to their old mobile devices. Now, you can open up that drawer and see if you have something that is worth money on eBay today! Depending on which ones you have, you can cash in on them now just in time for Christmas.  Here are some that you need to be searching for right now:

The Nokia 9000 Communicator can be worth up to $500 if it’s in good condition.

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The first ever Nokia – Mobira Senator from 1981 commands up to $900!

There are plenty of other earlier Nokia models that can fetch anywhere between $10 and $55.

For example, the Nokia 3310 which, at the time, was a state of the art device that had many features that were first of its kind. For example: A calculator, network monitor, a stopwatch and a reminder feature. It also came with the game ‘Snake’ which has been popular on the Nokia since 1990. It also was able to sent text messages that were three times longer than the standard SMS text.

Talkmobile released this list of the 10 most valuable mobile phones:

  1. Nokia Mobira Talkman 1981: $900
  2. Nokia 3310: $10 – $55
  3. Motorola StarTAC: $30 up to $350 (for an original boxed or limited edition)
  4. Motorola Razr V3: $15-$60 (or $150 for Dolce & Gabanna model)
  5. Sony Ericcson W880i: $30 – $50
  6. Motorola DynaTAC 8000x: $1,000 – $3,000
  7. Apple iPhone 2G: $150 – $1,000 (depending on condition)
  8. Nokia N95: $60 – $90
  9. HTC One: $40 – $50
  10. Nokia 9000 Communicator: up to $500 for one in good condition, or $50 for a used one.

The Motorola Dyna TAC 8000x is the most valuable on this list and it was the first commercial mobile phone to be sold! When it was released in 1984 it cost approximately $3,000.

We all remember it from the movie Wall Street and can be worth anywhere between $1,000 – $3,000.

The Apple iPhone 2G that came out in January 2007 can sell for about $1,000 on eBay.

This phone, presented by Steve Jobs, changed the world of mobile phones forever!

He even said, at the time, “ Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” He was right!

So, take a look at all of your old mobiles see how much you can get for them today!